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An Equestrian's New Year's Resolution

I know *I'm* more concerned with being prepared for show season than a day on the beach (but of course even as a Floridian I've never been too keen on frolicking in ankle deep murk wondering what critters are touching me). Whatever your New Year's resolutions may be, I hope you achieve them. Best wishes for you all for 2014 (it is, after all, the Year of the Horse)! :)

If Horses Made New Years Resolutions- HorseNation

this is what i get every time i try to take pictures of my horses...

Sadly, I've never been so hot at keeping up with any sort of New Year's Resolutions. If I were, then I'd be 15lbs lighter, running marathons, finishing my doctorate, and wildly famous.

This is What Scooter made me feel like every time I was sad. I miss my horse so much...

Don't you just love that new horse smell?

Horse people really are a special sort of crazy. I'm still surprised I ever got a boyfriend given this premise. Good thing the boyfriend is really accepting of my fuzzy logic and such.

Feelings of trust and connection...

Sometimes you just have to settle for good enough