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two story yurt floorplan


Yurts, yes I love alternative housing :)

japanese house floorplan

Beautiful cabin looking yurt! Very classy for a typical yurt. I especially love the ceiling.

Love this! I used to draw round floor plans when I was a kid! Always said I was going to build it as my house. #weirdkidthatsme Deltec Homes- Floorplan Gallery | Round Floorplans | Custom Floorplans

Living off the grid in a yurt | Off The Grid Stories

This is my FAVORITE earthbag floorplan. LOVE the grow-beds... like an earthship without the ramming! (possible future home WITH adult son?)

This is perfect except that the kitchen will be circular and in the center and there will be a loft above the bath.

Yurt floor plan

geodesic dome floorplans | Floor Plan: DL-6003 | Monolithic

Beaver Homes and Cottages

This is it!!!!!! -mb

Why Our Ancestors Built Round Houses – and Why it Still Makes ...

Floorplan of great home with office becoming bedroom 3...master and guests on opposite sides :)

Deltec Homes- Floorplan Gallery | Round Floorplans | Custom Floorplans

Yurt Floor Plans | Rainier Yurts

Sample possible floor plan for the largest Pacfic Yurt yurt

Interconnected yurt house!

Cob! Floor plan for a two story house. Bigger than what we want or need, but it is beautifully designed. Love the ideas!

Kitchen in a Yurt Home