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এম.এ.লতিফ, ঢাবি প্রতিবেদক: ঢাবির ‘খ’ ইউনিটে ১ম হয়েও আরবী বিষয়কে…

If you're feeling good about job prospects, you're in the minority

New study also shows preference for jobs at large businesses. Those at start-ups, not so much.

Ten Email Habits That Send The Wrong Message

“We had been emailing back and forth all morning,” Maria Cutrone, 30, a Baltimore-based web designer recalls. She and a coworker couldn’t see eye-to-eye on a project. Should they ask the client to postpone the deadline in order to complete testing or should they deliver a product that wasn’t quite t

During the hiring process, the communication between a prospective employee and a hiring company can make or break the hiring decision. Candidates need to be able to answer your questions in a non-scripted and persuasive way, while engaging in meaningful and direct dialogue with interviewers. When an interviewee starts to ask these in-depth questions during an interview, companies can take that as a sign of a more serious candidate that they may want to move forward with.