Brutally honest (26 photos) but so true u know how much I wish for one day I could do this. Got a few people in mind lol

I don't exactly hate you but if you were on fire and I had water, I'd drink it. Ohhhh some people today.

so this bitch

Damn straight!!

And then you just start howling, with tears running down your cheeks ... while people around you stare at you in horror. And you can't explain because you're laughing SO hard. (And my son does the same thing!): Time, Quotes, Funny Stuff, So True


Oh, this made me laugh!

Haha! Too true...



I love my friends: @Nannette Metcalf Chandler, @Brandy Simmons Harris, @Rachael Hawkins, @Melanie Ruth; @Cindy Herron Harper, and of course Nichole Hughes!!!!!!


If you don't ever work just work for this next year.

great friend at work ecard

I am an acquired taste...

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i could write lists all day long. now actually doing what is on the list....questionable.

very, very true