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Better Than A Box

Every few years, a human invents a thing and the world improves for cats. The electric fur footwarmer is such a thing.

If you're going to pick one, I'll take the orange one. But really, why stop at one? If I'm going to be crazy cat lady, the more the merrier....

magicalnaturetour: Photographer lalalaurie ~ Sweet Dreams wonderful friends ♥

darling kitty #felines #cats #kittens #pets #animals. Excuse me, eh hem, but you're files are not complete...


The Savannah cat…

It's so adorable!

#Cat in a moonlit window: #Cats don't ask for the #moon; they're already stars. — Odin Wilde, via @Cat Wisdom 101 =^@.@^= #Caturday #silhouette

Even though I hate cats.. This is a pretty precious kitty Kat.