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First solo ride

irishwhiskeyneatplease: “ equinevetadventures: “ “Rêve de gosse (version remastérisée de l’œuvre de Christian J. The fuel of young and old. The inspiration of a future yet to.

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The farm I ride at has a huge open sky, and in the summer when I ride, I always get to see the sunset. Horses and a sunset- all you need are a few mosquitos, and you've got my whole summer wrapped up in a picture.

"Why is it," he says, "that women will forgive homicidal behavior in a horse, but be critical of a man when he leaves the toilet seat up?"

The relationship between a rider and her horse - senior picture idea

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The horse eye is the largest of any land mammal. Since horses have lateral eyes (on either side of the head), they utilize monocular vision, allowing them to see 350 degrees around.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Icelandic Beauty by Álfheiður Erla Besides being an awesome photographer Álfheiður Erla is a singing student from Reykjavík, studying in Berlin. In her spare time she captures the elusive beauty of her home country, Iceland with her camera.

Wonderful Palmetto Life

Fox hunting isn't only about full gallops and Tally Ho's. There are many quiet, still moments when one waits for something to happen. It's in those moments that one can reflect on what an awesome adventure hunting is.