Antique Fishing tackle... Can't wait to hear from the experts on this pin: The creel is for fly fishing and the bait and other items are for spinner rods!

bobbers--fished with my dad at pine lake as a child :) These would make a cute fishing bead bracelet

Vintage Famous Layfield Lures. Patented by Jester & Floyd "Cotton" Layfield from Kerens, Texas. The Layfield Brothers patented the original lures in 1939. Sunny Brooks Fishing Lure Company from Tyler, Texas later made the fishing lures. Photo From the Layfield Lure Collection of: Ricky Talkington of Corsicana, Texas.

BOTTLE CAP FISHING LURE (RATTLES) Love this one! Think Ill make some for the Reifs Fishing Trip! Sure to catch the BIG ONE! -

Landscapeオリジナル Boneless grip

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