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HR Puff n Stuff/ Saturday mornings were full of kid's shows.looked forward to Saturday morning all week!

use to play this in the doctor's office.

Remember playing this water game called Aquaplay? It was fun to try & get those rings onto the posts using puffs of water.

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters  ~ A Saturday morning show by Sid and Marty Kroft…

Sigmund and the Sea Monsters ~ A Saturday morning show by Sid and Marty Kroft…

still use it. LOL

still use it. LOL

love this

I had those memorex tapes! Recording songs off the radio was an art! Hahaha :) "i used to spend hours recording songs off the radio. I still have a couple mixed tapes.

Donny and Marie dolls by Mattel. I watched their show religiously every Friday night at 8:00.

Donny & Marie Show. "I'm a little bit country, and I'm a little bit rock-n-roll." I loved Marie Osmond as a kid. I even had these dolls!

It's Mikey.....he'll eat anything!

Life cereal commercial starring Mikey - "Let Mikey try it. Hey, look, he likes it! Mikey likes it!

I used to get this magazine! I had forgotten all about it until I saw it again!

I loved Highlights magazine--the only trouble was that I only got to read it when I went to the dentist's office!

old school pop corn before air poppers before microwave bags....and don't forget about Jiffy Pop that you could do on the stove top. We were hip enough to have one of these.

'Broadway' Joe Namath for Hamilton Beach popcorn poppers - with the dip in the cover to melt your butter.

Donny and Marie! A little bit Country and a little bit rock 'n roll!

The Donnie and Marie Show. Siblings Donnie and Marie Osmond. "A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll." TV Shows From The