Too Loud Free app- hook up to your Smartboard to help kids monitor their voice level in class! Love this

Use an app like Noise Down, which will automatically sound an alarm when the decibel level gets too high. | 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

This registers the noise level in a classroom - the louder it gets the more the balls bounce!

music box. Put on Smartboard when students arrive - they are silent as they watch and listen.

Not enough bulletin boards in your classroom? Did you know you can iron on fabric to your walls? - WHAT?!?!?

voice level charts

List of 30 procedures to remember to teach at the start of the year. Good list even for veteran teachers.

A cute and easy way to do brain breaks. Anytime I think one is necessary in my classroom I would have a student come up and draw from the cup blindly and whichever activity they draw the whole class will do. All these ideas are real simple and provide as a quick break to help refocus my students.

5 Things You Should Say to Your Class Every Day

Do you have early finishers, and they always want to know what to do next? The choice board can help, and it allows your students to make their own decisions on what to do next.

Swag board

Differentiated Instruction - Choice Boards.

iPads in the Classroom: App Recommendations Galore! Good, extensive list...not just this fluency app.

First Day Smart Board activity

Task 1: how we can manage behavior by having them think about what they have done wrong

Smart board wands firstgradefactory...

voice levels chart

classroom noise level

Visual chore chart, not in pockets but a board with Velcro and student name cards

Here's how I use the Remind app in my classroom - it has improved parent communication 100 percent! And it's so easy to use! Being able to keep parents informed and schedule texts all through an app on my phone has made a world of difference for me this year with parent communication.