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Ron Paul (father of Kentucky senator Rand Paul,)- White supremacist, racist, anti-Civil Rights Act, Anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, Purveyor of lies and right-wing propaganda, Libertarian icon.

Krazy politics. Krazy politicians. Krazy Stupid Party. Krazy GOP !! But, it’s just like members of the so-called “Party of Personal Responsibility” to take absolutely no responsibility for self-serving uselessness. Now, as Republicans block immigration reform – along with everything – and blame the president… don’t forget – they are the Party of ideas. Ideas that SUCK, yes. But, technically… “ideas.” Republican Obstructionism, Republicans Hate America.

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If you politicize Benghazi for months, then cheered when the sequester cut $79,000 more from the Embassy Security #StopTheWorldTheTeabaggersWantOff

When ABC Univision host Jorge Ramos grilled Rep. Steve King (R-IA) for comparing immigrants to dogs in a year-old video this past Sunday, he likely hadn't se...