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Student of Celebrimbor by Lorinell, nice screenshot and great use of the robe and shoulder piece :)

The line of Durin

the lord of the rings

The Great Ring by Gerwell

The Lord of the Rings

tosquinha: Fëanorians being merry elves making music to the stars. From left to right: Fëanor, Nerdanel, Amod, Amras, Curufin (with baby Celebrimbor), Celegorm, Caranthir, Maedhros and Maglor.

Celebrimbor, son of Curufin, son of Feänor...

Annatar & Celebrimbor

Annatar/Sauron puts the master ring on his finger for the first time, and Galadriel and Gil-Galad go “TOLD YOU SO” to Celebrimbor.

Annatar by Gerwell on deviantART

Sheik Legend of Zelda Wolf | false there is indeed a ninja in the legend of zelda

Celebrimbor, Shadow of Mordor

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor Behind the scenes video expands on Talion, Celebrimbor - Lightning Gaming News

To all LotR fans out there

Protector of Thinglad