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More Music Stuff The musician rat this is no photoshopped image,that is a real rat playing real musical instruments,with food treat,Dutch photographer and artist Ellen Van Deelen taught her pet Moppy and Witz to pose with different stuffs such as guitar,piano,flute,bike etc according to her,her pets are very intelligent and understand her enough to pose for these outstanding photographs

party crafts & games.... Find the Hamster’s Food, Find your way through the Maze, The Hamster Ball, Do the Hamster Dance

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It's everyone's favorite classroom pet! Help Humphrey the Hamster find his way back to his cage.

This is a super creative version of the hamster cage that come with McKenna the newest american girl doll. This is so great since the only way to get it from american girl is with the hugely expensive bed set bundle!

11 Ways to Incorporate Pet Spaces at Home

A designated space for pet food and water in the kitchen. Find your dream home at