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Duck Viper + GMK Hyperfuse + Columbia Kosmonavt + Field Notes ✨ #artisankeycaps #geekhack #mechanicalkeyboard

Haha thank you. In case you are interested: QFR: Coolermaster Quick fire rapid keyboard MX Blacks: Mechanical keyboard switch made by Cherry Hydrodip: A type of water transfer painting 1976: Custom keycap set procuded by Signature plastics that was run on Massdrop and is about to ship to the group buyers! Sky Dolch: Custom keycap set produced by GMK

Thought i'd share something with you all today. This is the keyboard that started my interest in mechanical keyboards.

Fall in love in a calculated fashion. Body first. What will you get your wrists for the future? Can you try a different one every other year or so until you get the right fit? There is a lot of editing ahead.