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Hen Sitting on Kittens

At Matthew 23:37 Jesus says in part " often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks [[or as this photo shows kittens]] together under her wings. But you people did not want it."

Kids: Being a Mom, or Dad is lots of work, because they have to do many things to take care of their kids. Many of the comforts in your life are there, because of what they've done for you in the background. Don't take these things for granted. Be grateful and do all that you can to make your parent's job easier by being helpful, getting along, being obedient, and staying safe. They will appreciate it!

It makes me cringe to think of the poor hens that never get to experience this life because they are stuck in tiny cages to push out eggs to supply the masses. Please only buy free range!

'Cheep cheep!' :) Yes! Labs are this awesome with chickens!!! Our girl Annie was an amazing farm friend and stood gently by my side - never harming a single animal. She was an awesome black labradorable!! (xo) *Labs: The right dog for chickens!

This is a Sebright hen with chick. This breed comes in many color combinations - this being one of my personal favorites.