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Do-it-yourself home decor tips (from your cat)

Ahaha. My cat doesn't sleep in his litter box... but he does sleep on dirty clothes and I lay things on him all the time xD

I love Pusheen!

Pusheen's human-like snacking abilities, love of dress-up, and abnormally adorable on-screen bop have garnered hundreds of thousands of fans. She already has a line of merchandise and just signed a book deal. And yet, despite all this fame, Pusheen remains her modest, friendly, yarn-loving self. How does she stay so grounded, amidst all the adulation?

so my cats


Pusheen the cat

He he,but I don't have a cat...

Best places to sleep - Pusheen Cat

Cat's Resume

Why you wanna be a cat. All very valid points.


Cats = Happiness

Because you're a cat.

cats... they do what they want to


haha so true