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Jean Kilbourne exposed the hidden strategies of advertising. (November 2011)

Holocaust survivor Charlene Schiff addressed the students in St. Joseph's Chapel. (November 2011)

Entrepreneur and former presidential candidate H. Ross Perot, Sr. spoke to students about leadership. (April 2011)

WWII veteran and Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini with Jeff Krieger '12 and the Headmaster. (September 2011)

Internet safety expert Katie Koestner reminded students that information shared online is "trackable, traceable and retrievable." (March 2011)

Dr. Antonio Iavarone, a nationally recognized specialist on brain tumors from the Department of Neurology and Institute for Cancer Genetics, visited Christ School to speak with students. Dr. Iavarone's discoveries in cancer research center on the role of proteins and networks that drive phenotypic states in brain cells. Many thanks to Dr. Iavarone - we are grateful to have welcomed you to Christ School.

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue gave a speech at Christ School November 5, 2012, answering student questions and also discussing the paramount importance of education.

Paul Rusesabagina, whose experience during the Rwandan genocide was told in the film "Hotel Rwanda" and in his own book An Ordinary Man. (March 2009)

Last week Christ School students enjoyed a discussion on Social Media and law by nationally recognized District Attorney J. Tom Morgan, author of the book Ignorance is No Defense: a Teenager’s Guide to Georgia Law. Thanks for visiting us, J. Tom Morgan!

At 14, Cheryl Johnson was one of the first African Americans to implement the Supreme Court’s ruling on Brown vs. the Board of Education. She also inspired the powerful documentary "40 Years Later: Now Can We talk?" - a film that explores the impact of racial integration in the Mississippi Delta from the perspective of her 1969 South Panola High School class during their 40th reunion. She visited Christ School during Martin Luther King, Jr. Week.

An image of Governor Perdue on Christ School campus, speaking to a student and the Headmaster. We are very grateful to have welcomed Governor Perdue to Christ School!