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I never settle and even though I can't be with the one I love the most, he will always have a special place in my heart.

Wise words from an 8-year-old: "Sometimes you just need to take a nap and get over it."



Steve Jobs

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Emma Watson Is Our Feminist Hero

Scars are survivor badges bahaha @Linette Padilla Hayes, all that I can think of is my scar on my forehead!!!!! haha YAY I'm stronger than a wall!!!!!

It's not hard to find someone who will tell you they love's hard to find someone that means it. .

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25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer

~Mitch Albom. Live with no regrets. You never know when the words you say will be the last ones you say to your loved one.

People who were meant to be together will always find their way back to each other. They make detours in life but they are never lost.

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Lessons You Learn From Drake On Pinterest

Smart Girls


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Power of Argument

Don't raise your voice. Improve your argument. Well my Dad was just very patient but it's a good thought nevertheless.

What makes me happy is chasing you. Weird really. I know you still care about me it isn't in your nature not to. Not obsessed just doing what I love jtg