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Nanny Application: George Takei

I want to marry this guy.

"I wood like it, but it's a bit uncomfortable." - George Takei If she twists her hair and tucks it under her neck it should mostly stay out of your face

Oh I know all about sobbing mathematically..

I would've been 100000% happy if that happened to me!

~George Takei

Hahahaha! :)


I found this more funny than it should have been- lol poor puppy does not look amused


What It’s Like To Talk On The Phone With Kids Vs. Without Kids

george takei

Poor red shirt!

Spock and Kirk in a nutshell…This is so accurate.

At least when you eat out at a restaurant, someone else cleans up after your kids. #parenting #momhumor

I love kids...

Ghetto Hikes--this honestly just made my life....soooo freaking hilarious!! I laughed so hard!


It's my Captain's chair and nobody's gonna tell me otherwise!

Redneck love poem. This is terrific. :D

Well I have developed a crush on chekov (anton yelchin) so this is going here