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Nanny Application: George Takei

I want to marry this guy.

"I wood like it, but it's a bit uncomfortable." - George Takei If she twists her hair and tucks it under her neck it should mostly stay out of your face

Oh I know all about sobbing mathematically..

Love it!

I would've been 100000% happy if that happened to me!

~George Takei

I would probably watch these

I found this more funny than it should have been- lol poor puppy does not look amused




What It’s Like To Talk On The Phone With Kids Vs. Without Kids

Poor red shirt!


george takei

Gave that girl a half smile. She was rendered so speechless, she ran away 'cause of her shyness.

Ghetto Hikes... I'm sorry. So many swear words. But it's just so, so ,SO funny!!! Again though, I am sorry.

Preach it babydoll

At least when you eat out at a restaurant, someone else cleans up after your kids. #parenting #momhumor