• Georgette Reveron

    Oh boy did that make me cry!! - cant wait to meet my little boy someday. I'll be just as in love with him as I am with his dad!!!

  • chelsea thomas

    I love my boys! :) I love my monkey baby boy........ how I feel when I see him

  • Traci Albright

    My little boy's who are now my big boy's, love them forever & always.

  • Marcia O'Grady

    You'll be his first kiss His first love His first friend You are his Mother and he is your whole life He is your little boy. - Author Unknown * I love my boys!

  • Bryanna Wareing

    EQ- Best Quote by Author Unknown: You'll be his first kiss His first love and His first friend You are his momma and He's your whole world He's your little boy

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