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There's a musical version of Heathers coming to Off Broadway!

Once upon a time wearing lots of denim was cool. That time was called the 80's. There was no casual Friday, so people wore as much denim as they could on their days off. ISaturdays and Sundays became quite horrific. Thus, casual Friday was born, and now we can wear one piece of denim at a time. No more than one...unless it is a really big denim bow. Those NEVER went out of style....

1980s Fashion - Accessories were big and gaudy. Necklaces were layered on and had large pendants and medallions. Earrings were long and dangly. Sound familiar?

Pins, pins, pins, and more pins - on your jean jacket of course!

Oh how I danced and danced to this as a 5 year old! Of course, decked out just like her with tons of bracelets and necklaces!

Photo from the Great L'Oreal Megaspritz Epidemic of the late 1980s-early 1990s.