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  • Amber Bland

    I would much rather be in a bookstore than any other store

  • Sara Stone

    Books, movies, and school supplies. Shopping for anything else is sucky!!!

  • Kat Skye

    ...and spend all day in the book store while you're shopping buddies crawl the whole mall.

  • Gina Sanchez

    Pretty much. Just bought two new books!

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Every time. It's soul-crushing. And if/when my books are made into films, I will not allow this to happen. Dang it.

Nerd Girl Problem ... when you use your favorite insult from your favorite book and the person has no idea they were insulted. suggested by leighanne021803

Nerd Girl Problem 113 this is so true for me thats why im getting an e-reader they`re so much cheaper

If there is moisture in the air, there is already no hope for my hair. The textbooks still have a chance!

You suggest books to your non-nerdy friends and they don't understand their awesomeness.

Or you're in the middle of a book but you pick up another just to look at it and before you know it, it has been two hours and you've finished it.. I did this with Cryer's Cross when I was reading City of Bones.

or when you start falling asleep while reading and the only thing that wakes you up is the book hitting you in the face ... :(

Absolutely. This is why I have a porch. And a giant comfy reading chair in my room.

Im Not A Nerd Girl But I Do Love Me Some Big Bang Theory And Especially Some Sheldon Cooper :)