gesso and inks

Always open for new ideas with alcohol inks and this one looks good! -- Gesso and alcohol inks art tutorial. Very interesting technique.

Ruth Rae blog/tutorial for making resin paper: "it makes the paper more like a plastic so you can use it in a lot of different ways"

tutorial for making resin paper.makes the paper more like a plastic so you can use it in a lot of different ways

Ceramic tile Original Alcohol Ink Painting coaster by StayaFLOAT, $15.00

Ceramic tile, Original Alcohol Ink Painting, coaster, bright colors, one of a kind

Love this technique for doing a resist pattern on a manila tag with black acrylic paint!

This is a great step by step printed tutorial using embossing powder and stamps. Very interesting.

alcohol ink techniques

Using dry alcohol ink in a palette with blending solution in a Koi brush for extra control

Sarah Jane's Craft Blog: Alcohol Ink Glass Gems

Always looking for a new way to use alcohol inks, I decided to try them out on glass gems. You know, the kind you buy at craft stores .

This is the best paste recipe for paste paper that I've found. I recommend sifting in a small amount of flour at a time. stir constantly throughout process to avoid lumps (even in a double boiler)

Bookbinding 101 - Making Paste, interesting discussion about glues in the comments

Dominos using alcohol ink to colour

Here are some more domino magnets I made, for the tutorial scroll down. For the red ones I used: cranberry and butterscotch alcohol inks, fo.

vidéo faire une petite boîte dans une canette soda (tuto gratuit DIY)

How to transform an aluminium drink can into a charming little embossed metal box. I did this, minus the embossing, with old Christmas Cards, same principle and used the little boxes to decorate as small gifts during Christmas