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A baby suspended in a wire cage attached to the outside of a high tenement block window. The cages were distributed to members of the Chelsea Baby Club in London who have no gardens”

The Manson Family. In 1969, on August 8, Charlie Manson told Family members at Spahn Ranch, “now is the time for Helter Skelter.” That evening the family, under the direction of Manson, would commit the famous murder of Sharon Tate, leading to other murders over the two day period.

During 1940's Battle of Britain, Luftwaffe bombers tried to destroy British air power ahead of a planned invasion of the UK. When that failed, Hitler resorted to terror attacks on civilians, including the full-scale bombing of London (pictured) and other English towns. The attacks killed tens of thousands of Britons, but "The Blitz" fizzled: the invasion never materialized.

Paula Hitler was Adolf Hitler's sister. He had 5 sibling but only Paula survived to adulthood. When Hitler came to power he had her change her name to Wolf to protect her. When the war was over she moved near the Eagle's Nest, Hitler's Lair & lived the rest of her life making & selling floral crafts. She never accepted Hitler's part in the Holocaust & said she always loved him. Former SS officers provided bodyguard service to protect her from the legions who wanted to hurt her. She died in…

Rasputin’s penis had a rather colourful life while still attached to its owner. Since his death, it has continued to be an object of fascination. Rasputin had a reputation for using his penis as a method of spreading his holy message amongst women. It was a conspiracy of nobles who finally murdered Rasputin – and, it is claimed, castrated the body. The organ of Russia’s greatest Casanova can now be seen at the Erotica Museum in Petersburg.

When Eli Sagir, who is now 21, showed her grandfather, Yosef Diamant - Auchwitz survivor - the new tattoo on her left forearm four years ago, he bent his head to kiss it. (The pictures in this series are so beautiful and speak volumes!)

When her Jewish students first showed up with yellow stars sewn onto their clothes, Andrée Geulen instructed all of her students to wear aprons to hide them. This convinced Geulen to act, becoming a central activist in the Jewish Defense Committee where she assisted in hiding Jewish children. She convinced parents to part with their children and then took the children to the families who would hide them. Due to her coded records, she enabled the return of hundreds of children to their…

52 Powerful Photos Of Women Who Changed History Forever - A Los Angeles Police Officer looks after an abandoned baby in the drawer of her desk. [1971]

Annie Kenney, (1879 - 1953) Suffragette who spent three days in prison for daring to ask Churchill and Sir Edward Grey if they believed women should have the right to vote. Neither man replied.

President Lincoln's grandfather & namesake was killed by Indians while trying to tend his crops. The president's father, Tom, was a boy and was nearly kidnapped. His older brothers heard the commotion, came running to kill the Indians, and save Tom. All this happened outside Middletown, KY near Louisville in the 1770s.

Lydia Litvyak. One of two Russian pilots who were the world’s only female fighting aces during World War II. She kicked Nazi butt.

Mrs. Caroline Roberts of 22 Lindfield street, Poplar, London seen here in November 1940 feeding cats made homeless by the Nazi bombing raids