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  • Dawn Barr

    BABY CAGE ~ WTF A baby suspended in a wire cage attached to the outside of a high tenement block window. The cages were distributed to members of the Chelsea Baby Club in London who have no gardens

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THOUSANDS of FREE vintage prints from New York Public Library. A great way to make wall art for the home.

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cathedral made from 55,000 lights.

This is spot on.

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Artist Emily Nemen's depiction of the U.S. Senate's gender imbalance is both a bummer and visually appealing! While you're over at her Tumblr, Women of the 112th, be sure and check out her paintings of Nancy Pelosi, Michele Bachmann and many more.

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Couldn't agree more... Wise words from Julia Child ;)


effective communication.

The Orgasm Gap: The Real Reason Women Get Off Less Often Than Men and How to Fix It The gap between men’s and women’s frequency of orgasm is impacted by social forces that privilege male pleasure.