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Free Superhero Pary Printables

Free Superhero Party Printables - #superheroparty #superheroes #printables

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My Son's Imaginary Superhero Birthday Party

Super Hero Decorations

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Comic Book Templates Free Kids Printable

Free Comic Book Templates, fantastic blog and great template for little guy.

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New Suicide Squad character posters! Who else is excited for this?

Suicide Squad character posters #SuicideSquad

Hey guys, been a long time since I posted something I was a colorist on. thats okay. This piece was drawn by colored by me. join me on patreon for excusives, tutorials and hard to find techniques!

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Ultron's foreshadowing of Civil War

Plot Twist: Scarlet Witch's little "accident" during Civil War was part of Ultrons plan all along!

Say no to Hydra cap. Do you realize how illogical this is? If Cap was part of Hyra he would have in all likelihood known about Bucky and do you really think he'd be part of an organization that would do stuff like they did to his best friend and countless other people? Steve Rogers fights for freedom and freedom alone. And Hydra isn't about freedom, they're all about fear.

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Re-Imagined Popular Comic Characters As Dragons

Re-Imagined Popular Comic Characters As Dragons - Deadpool is giving everybody a thumbs up...or is it a claw? Venom Dragon would be a serious PITA to fight.

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Quoting Your Favorite Batman Characters [Infographic]

Check out what the residents of Gotham have had to say in the Batman universe over the years!

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'Wonder Woman': See The Exclusive New Photos

'Wonder Woman': Exclusive New Photos of Gal Gadot's Superhero Movie | Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman |

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Superhero Facts: Part 4

Superhero Facts: Part 4 - 9GAG

Sebastian Stan. He really did and only realized it when he saw the giant pic of Tom and then he tried to sign his name on Tom's banner I love him