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Keep every knife in your collection razor sharp with the two stage pro knife sharpener. The sharpener is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and natural grip in addition to providing two stages of sharpening – fine and coarse.

Artist turns daughter's scribbles into paintings

Close to genius ideas

Some helpful yet shitty ideas

Proof that even adults hate adulting.

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

40 cosas con las que dirás shut up and take my money - Taringa!

How to easily escape if you're being held captive

How to easily escape if you're being held captive

Titanium Saw Ring. It's a simple but elegant-looking ring made of titanium. But unlike all other rings, this one contains a saw and handcuff shim pick combination tool which is completely hidden from view when worn.

Last pen I saw that looked like this was in a drawer at my grandparents house.  It was actually a tear gas pellet pen and after 40 years in a drawer, the firing mechanism still worked.  Put the pellet straight through my  hand and filled the living room with tear gas.

Whether you're a history buff, gun lover, hunter, or you just like awesome pens…

Don't throw out those bottle caps, because now you can recycle them into precious ammo! With a capacity for shooting bottle caps over 16 feet with the push of a button, you'll be able to annoy anyone in the room without having to get up from your seat. Buy It $9.99 via SpinningHat.com

Bottle Cap Gun

Bottle Cap Gun Travis will have way to much fun with this

weird usb sticks!

From a creepy USB flash drive finger, to a geeky Star Wars glowing lightsaber thumbdrive, meet twelve of coolest USB Flash drives we've seen.

Boker Plus Knives Cop Tool @thistookmymoney

Boker Plus Knives Cop Tool

Wilson Combat Wilson Tactical Cop Tool by Boker Fixed Knife Blade

Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger

For the guy who wants to know what this is -

Hitch Safe – RV Happy Hour - http://rvhappyhour.com/forums/topic/hitch-safe/ #RV #Security

Special Offers Available Click Image Above: Hitchsafe Key Vault - Trailer Hitch Key Lock By Hitch Safe

Dango Products | Redefining the Wallet by Charlie Carroll — Kickstarter

The Dango Dapper and Tactical Wallets are designed with an edge! We blended style, utility and quality into one sleek everyday carry.

Leatherman Tread is a Wearable Multi-tool

Leatherman Tread is a Wearable Multi-tool

The Live Action Skeet Shooting Game. I want one!!

The Live Action Infrared Skeet Shoot - Hammacher Schlemmer. you know, for the 'big kids'

Biometric Home Security - entry via fingerprint scan. A keyless society(fingerprint scanning).. Nerdy things.

Biometric Home Security - entry via fingerprint scan. A keyless society(fingerprint scanning).

Alphabet Of Terrible Advice Book

Moving Gears Ring

Have a laugh while you spend some time reading the Alphabet of Terrible Advice book to the kids. This hilarious book is filled with vividly illustrated scenes where goofy looking anthropomorphized characters guide you down a path of poor decision making.

Boobs Coloring Book

Boobs Coloring Book

The boobs coloring book allows you to stare at magnificent pairs of breasts for hours on end without being called a pervert – in fact, you might even .