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My wonderful aid, Nancy & I had this idea for our Kinder classroom chairs...we originally started trying to make the chair covers (another Pinterest idea) but it ended up costing about 6 dollars/chair and a LOT of time. We did some brainstorming...knowing about the positive experiences students have had sitting on exercise balls in class (but knowing my type A personality can't handle 26 balls rolling around the classroom), this idea created a way for the ball to be stationary, but the stude

Color Your Feelings: This activity encourages feeling identification, is quick, highly versatile and fits well with the affect regulation component of TF-CBT. • Have your client write out a list of...

Quit Your Job And Write Full Time: The New Social Movement That Reduces Living Costs for Writers

Quit your job and write full-time: The social movement that reduces living costs for writers

Positive values are often learned through experience. We encourage faculty, administrators, advisors and students alike to take advantage of their school environment.

Have you wondered at all why Fox News has not done much with reporting against Common Core? Well, here is one MAJOR reason. Rupert Murdoch is poised to make A LOT of money off of Common Core: Exposed: How Murdoch, Bill Gates and Big Corporations are Data Mining our Schools

The outdoors is the best gym of all - and it doesn't cost you a cent. Stick to your goals! True North is a tasty and oh-so-good-for-you snack to help you on your journey. #fitgoals

"The Number Line Game!" - Active Number Sequencing, 1-20

"THE NUMBER LINE GAME!" - ACTIVE NUMBER SEQUENCING! "Number Line, Number Line, Movin' Down That Number Line!" Put some 'moves' in your Number Sequencing activities for Pre-K - K! Who says you have to sit down for Math Fun? Your kids will play a GROUP GAME and sing a silly song, while their numbers move down the Number Line and are put in sequence. Includes Number Templates for 1-20 and simple song notes, as well as "Zero Cost" options for the game pieces! Rainy day fun! (13 pages) $