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It’s LEG day!! and the last workout of the week so it’s time to bust your booty and leave it all in the weight room. Today we are going to be doing a lot of squats and build those buns. We will be doing 4 exercises and with each exercise we will be doing 4...Read More »

Effortless Weight Loss - Get in Shape With Dr. Oz's Fat Flush Water - DIY &...

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Baby Got Back: Guide to Getting Great Glutes

Wake up your posterior chain - How to target the Glutes and Hamstrings

How to target those hamstrings and glutes! These exercises and tips will help you build a lean shapely lower body and get your legs ready for summer! @askdeniza

Get the Best Ass Ever With the 2017 #CosmoButtChallenge

An ass-pirational 28-day plan that everyone can get behind.