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Stephen Colbert Bravely Defends the Useless Art of Cursive

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Stephen Colbert calls Jack Lew's signature "pubic hair masquerading as an autograph" haha

Handwriting fun! Teach cursive writing strokes with watercolour paint

게임원화 캐릭터 피부톤 자료입니다. : 네이버 블로그

Watch this quick demo of pointed pen Copperplate. Notice, Hamid is lettering this without letting his hand touch the paper (or it will smudge). He is working at a very large size, as well. By exerting pressure on the flexible nib, he gets thick lines, by releasing, and barely touching the paper, he gets extremely thin "hairlines." This takes a great deal of control.

The Most Realistic Hand Drawn Fonts

The Most Realistic Hand Drawn Fonts | Pt. 1

Rosa Malpica, head cake decorator at Wright’s Gourmet House in Tampa, puts the finishing touches on an anniversary cake. Cursive is he...

Super Heros Character Glasses