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La légende JFK - "The K", l'exposition Kennedy en images

ЈФК легенда. "К" Кенеди изложба у сликама - Парис Матцх

Caroline Kennedy kisses JFK's hand---(in collecting photos for this board, I have come to realize what a doting father JFK was and how his kids obviously adored him...slj)

A future President meets a President. Bill Clinton and JFK. I have always thought this was a unique moment in history captured on film.

kundst: Elaine de Kooning (US 1918-1989) Portrait of JFK, 1963 When de Kooning traveled to West Palm Beach, Florida, to paint Kennedy’s portrait, she commented that the president was difficult to sketch due to his “extreme restlessness..he read papers, talked on the phone, jotted down notes, crossed and uncrossed his legs, shifted from one arm of the chair to the other..” Upon returning to New York City, de Kooning worked tirelessly for nearly a year, sketching and re-sketching Kennedy based…

CIA Murdered JFK Mistress, New Book Claims

Conspiracy theorists who question President John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963 have, over the years, become obsessed with another murder. On Oct. 12, 1964, socialite and artist Mary Pinchot Meyer, a longtime Kennedy mistress, was shot execution-style in broad daylight while walking along the Georgetown canal towpath.

Norman Rockwell's powerful portrait of President Kennedy could have been an image of our esteemed President in so many of the perilous situations he was confronted with during his leadership of our nation in the early '60's - but perhaps it reflected his emotions as he prepared his speech - The speech was a dire warning to us all, AND prophetically speaks about what has tragically become of the American Political landscape as well as the culture of America's 'Mainstream Media' today

Mary Pinchot Meyer...The Unsolved Murder of JFK's Georgetown Mistress. Disturbing after watching movie: Dark Legacy