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Faith: Sam takes a close look at Roy's books for clues and finds one

Faith: Sam takes a close look at Roy's books for clues and finds one

1:04 Supernatural 12x15 'Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell'

Doesn't count if you flip them inside out ~ Dean Winchester . oh boy LOL ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞ [GIFSET] Supernatural " Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell "

And yes, Netflix, I am STILL watching Supernatural. So play the next episode and stop asking me this question!

Yea, I literally binge watched this show to the point that my xbox gave me an achievement for it XD. I felt this way sometimes lol

I'm scared. I'm still in season one

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"Are the Supernatural finales always this emotional because I just finished season one and if I cry anymore I might puke out an organ. If I can't even handle the first season then idk dude


The 7 Stages Of A Man Getting Sick (In GIFs!)

You don't know true agony unless you've gone from watching 5 seasons in 2 days to 1 episode a week. Can't wait for the next Walking Dead season to be on Netflix!

Sam - Supernatural 12x01

Sassy sam is the best Sam😍 Hate those bitches for hurting him😈

Bloody Dean <<< More like "Bloody hell I'm done w/ your shit."<<<most like "yes...my Baby still runs..."

We were full of life, we could barely hold it in, we were amateurs in war, strangers to suffering. (Mars by Sleeping At Last) (this would be such an amazing painting.just sayin')

12x01 Keep Calm and Carry On. Sam being tortured mentally

Sam was fed the lies he told himself his entire life, and didn't buy into it. He played into it and tricked Toni so so brilliantly.

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Season 12

consulting-cannibal: “ thecwspn: “ The new season of Supernatural premieres Thursday, October 13 on The CW.