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    1922 20 Gold coin St.Gaudens Double Eagle NGC MS 63 US bullion 1 oz ounce. $1,995.00, via Etsy.

    Northwestern Iranian Gold Goblet with Bulls, Marlik (?) 12rh.11th cent, BC Found in Tomb at Marlik,near Susa.

    Girdle with Coins and Medallions, circa ca. 583, reassembled after discovery; Byzantine. This incomplete, massive gold girdle composed of a series of solidi & medallions may have been worn as an insignia of office. The four medallions depicting the emperor Maurice Tiberius for him in 583. Coins are stamped CONOB, indicating that they were minted in the capital city. There is also a coin of Theodosius II (r. 402–50) & four from the brief joint rule of Justin I and Justinian in 527.

    Harness Disk with Lion Attacking a Stag Parthian 225-100 BCE Silver and gold (2)

    Sasanian Gold Coin ca. 700-740. | © Foto: Münzkabinett der Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz

    Etruscan gold bulla with cintamani, 4thc BC, Vatican Museum This medallion was found in a tomb at Vulci.

    Gold Noble (S.1521) of King Edward III (1327-1377). Post-treaty period (1369-1377). Obv - King standing in ship. Rev - Royal cross in tressure, "E" and pellet at the center. Flag at stern, signifying Calais mint. Image by kind permission of: Ira & Larry Goldberg Auctioneers Inc.

    Plaques Gold; stamped. Left: Diam. 4.8 cm, right: Diam. 4.9 cm Scythian culture. 4th century BC Tsymbalka Barrow, Dnieper Area, Zaporoz...