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A Haven is a small shelter where focused work can be done without distraction—or alternatively, a place to unwind. It can be an enclosed room, such as a private office, or a semi-sheltered or screened-in space out in the open. Depending on its intended use, the setting may offer a work surface and adjustable seating, or take on a more relaxed feel. It may also easily accommodate the use of personal technology and other tools. A shared Haven must be easily locatable in the landscape.

Generally understood as a grouping of workstations, a Hive offers a setting for numerous people to harmoniously engage in individual and collaborative work. The setting offers a grouping of individual work points and adjustable seating. Variances in spatial division, storage density, and boundary define the character of the space and help nurture the diverse types of work that occur there. Further ergonomic considerations may include the optimal placement of fixed and adjustable technology.

A Meeting Space is designed to support information sharing— whether it’s a single speaker at the head of the room, or a group of peers conversing among themselves. For this reason, a Meeting Space requires ideal lines of sight for everyone, including remote participants. Adequate perimeter space enables circulation and frees movement in this enclosed setting.

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We are Stockholm and Berlin's most talked about real estate agency. But this place is not about us. We sample our friends and their lives in one week. And we have a lot of friends. STOCKHOLM BERLIN

A Clubhouse is a working neighborhood that belongs to a team assigned to a specific, long‑term project. A variety of individual & group work points w/adjustable seating enable people to freely & intuitively cycle between tasks & activities as they use a variety of fixed, mobile, personal, and remote technology. Maintaining proximity & the identity of the team within the Clubhouse helps drive the work that occurs there. A Clubhouse should offer ample surfaces to display & share work in…

Converse is a purposeful interaction between two to three colleagues who address a defined topic. The activity varies in formality and privacy in accordance with the subject matter being addressed and the familiarity of the participants. One or more of the parties may participate through a digital device.