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Tower of David (מגדל דוד)

AH!! Why do people have to make Acnologia so cute?!?!? I just finished the Tartoros Arc and I'm crying because of him!!! AHH!!!!

El Puente de Los Suspiros, perteneciente al Hertford College de #Oxford #viajar #Inglaterra

Everywhere in ancient times, women were Shamans. They were always connected with Divination and with the movements and currents of the Earth, as if they could not be separated. Women Shamans and Priestesses are frequently portrayed naked and grounded in the physical body, openly sexual, chanting, singing, dancing to make it rain, healing, birthing, playing musical instruments, weaving, planting, and doing the physical work of the world. ༺❁༻ Vicki Noble, Shakti Woman

Scientific Proof That Having A Squad Makes Life Less Painful