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Rascal Flatts - Changed

Let's do it!

no words could discribe

Disadvantaged Children - Photography by Thomas Tham This image was take in 2009. The 2 boys were Bernard and his youngest brother Daryl. They were charcoal kids who lived in the charcoal factory.

Zahedan, Iran

Let there be light

Dave's Words of Wisdom: Daughter

1 World Trade Center in place of World Trade Center, NewYork.


Midway. Message from the Gyre These shocking colors will make you cry, and then want to cry out for swift change! Everyone should see this.

This is Chief Raoni crying when he learned that the President of Brazil approved the Belo Monte Dam Project on the Xingu indigenous lands. Belo Monte will be bigger than the Panama Canal, flooding nearly a million acres of rainforest & indigenous lands, meaning 40,000 indigenous and local people will be forced off their native lands (as well as millions of unknown species & plants) in the name of "progress".....true grief.

kim phuc ~ the little girl of the iconic photo of the children running from the vietnamese village just hit by napalm. resilience of the human spirit personified!

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"speaking hands" | benoit courti, via 500px

Feathers, coins, butterflies, birds and animals can all be a sign from Spirit!

Forest Angel, The Ozarks, Missouri. If I came across this in the forest, I would be seriously alarmed. This looks like a suitable place for a weeping angel to lurk.

alvin ailey....

Nothing Can Prepare You For This Version Of "I Dreamed A Dream"

With tears in his eyes, President Obama pauses during remarks about Conn. school shooting in Newtown, Conn., Friday, Dec. 14, 2012, in the briefing room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)