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Can be said for some people. Kellie Keefe !! Hahahaha. It's me!

Dog and Cat Diaries... Love them both but really love the Cat's 983 day of captivity, they dine lavishly on meat while the other inmates and I are fed dry nuggets... hehe

Memes en español - Yo tengo belleza de verdad

FAVORITEST PICKUP LINE EVER ♥ Just tried it on my husband..... He laughed and said "you are so stupid". I guess that is his way of saying he Loves me too!?

Ambercrombie and Fitch CEO looks like an albino Orc.

"...the thug life chose us." im probably laughing a little more than whats socially acceptable haha

I could listen to Amber Christine say this a thousand times and it'd still be funny. ERMAGERD.

The right way to store your cables

Just take off the fedora. There's maximum of 10 people who look good in them and you aren't one if them.

Never go into the water here to find out more