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Here's another decorative Pothos - 'Pearls & Jade' - for indoor use in planters, pots or hanging baskets.


11 Signs of an Unhappy Houseplant (and How You Can Help)

Symptom: Brown Leaf Tips Possible Causes: Too much fertilizer or pesticides, dry soil, low temperature, hot air, accumulated salts, or root rot. Management: Most indoor plants need to be fertilized only once a month, at most. Stand pots in shallow, pebble-lined trays that are filled with water to increase humidity (pots should sit on the pebbles, above the water line). Once a month, apply enough water to the top of the soil to thoroughly flush excess salts through the drainage hole.


Sansevieria,Tradescantia pallida 'Purple Queen' and Dichondra 'Silver Falls' at the home of landscape designer Nick McCullough


Spider Plants are great indoor plants for removing carbon monoxide and other toxins. Spider plants are one of three plants NASA deems best at removing formaldehyde from air.

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Repurposed Garden Planters: Recycling Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Gardens

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The Best Way to Grow a Pothos Ivy Plant

By Heather Rhoades The pothos plant is considered by many to be a great way to get started caring for houseplants. Because pothos care in easy and undemanding, this lovely plant is an easy way to add some green in your home. Caring For Pothos Plants Basic pothos care is very easy. These plants enjoy…


Golden Pothos Houseplant - low light in the middle of the backroom bookshelves. Another powerful plant for tackling formaldehyde, this fast-growing vine will create a cascade of green from a hanging basket. Consider it for your garage since car exhaust is filled with formaldehyde. (Bonus: Golden pothos, also know as devil’s ivy, stays green even when kept in the dark.)

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Houseplants for the Forgetful Gardener

Pothos Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is one of the most common houseplants around -- and there is no wonder why. This quick-growing vine features colorful leaves, tolerates low light, and doesn't mind drying out a bit. Its stems reach 8 feet or more. Pothos grows in low to bright light.

8 Indoor Air Purifying Herbs - The follow herbs can suck almost 90% of VOCs out of your room and leave you with pure, filtered air: Rosemary Lavender Basil Mint Jasmine Geranium Coffee plant Woodbine

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Best Houseplants for Bedrooms

Arrowhead Vine Almost as easy to grow as a pothos and twice as exciting in its leaf variegation, arrowhead vine flourishes in a variety of light conditions and is a wonderful selection for a bedroom.


Hosta in planters, just add some pop of color for that shady it!

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10 Uses for Coffee Filters

TOP TIP: Flower Pot Drain Hole Cover: Just lay a coffee filter in the bottom of the pot covering the hole before filling the pot. The soil will stay in the pot and the water will still drain out because that is what coffee filters are designed to do; let water through. They last for a long time, too; by the time they fall apart, the potting soil is well packed and the plant has roots that hold the soil together.

How to revive an orchid: no more wondering what to do once the blooms fall off and you're left with a stick in a pot!

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24 Beautiful Blooming Houseplants

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tip for planting in pots with no drainage holes- use activated carbon from pet store

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8 Aromatic Indoor Herbs that Purify Air Naturally

8 indoor plants that make your house smell good and purify the air.

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Propagating Succulents

Starting Succulents from Leaves- i love doing this and watching them grow :) you can get so many plants from just one succulent!