BORN: Tamy June Williams

Welcome june! ❥


I was born just hours into Cancer (June 22). Most of my life I have identified with both Gemini and Cancer Zodiacs....and yet again. -KF

C'est tout à fait ça !

nice font for word love - Google Search

Happiness. <3 I love it when my bonus daughter does this! Reassures me im doing things the right way. :) :)

If I had it I'd use it to travel and go from destination to destination and leave a trail of glitter errrrrrywherrrrrrr!!!!

"you + me // i can’t stop!! // #youandme #handlettering #lettering #doodles #torrieasai" |

Gemini Daily Fun Fact

Lovely- one of my favorite words in the English dictionary

My favorite saying bc thats what love is


Goodbye... Im done with everything... Im sorry but i cant do this any more... I guess this is goodbye...

Story of my life

July ♥ ℳ ♥

In French you don't say 'I miss you'. You say ~ 'You are missing from me' ~ Charming.



I fought hard and I am still fighting to keep being transformed in Christ. Truth is that I am not perfect but I continue to seek him because in him I am perfect.