IKEA - STINN, Oven mitt, Silicone provides a firm grip and is heat-isulating.Dishwasher-safe; easy to keep clean.

STINN Oven mitt - IKEA

IKEA STINN Oven glove Red 20 cm Silicone provides a firm grip and is heat-insulating.

UPPENBAR Measuring cup IKEA Will not discolor from tomato sauce, etc. $4.99

UPPENBAR Measuring cup, clear, black

IKEA UPPENBAR Measuring jug Transparent/black 1 l Does not discolour from tomato sauce, etc.

SOCKERKAKA,muffin kalıbı

IKEA - SOCKERKAKA, Baking cup, The silicone makes the pastry release easily from the moulds.

STRÅLANDE Grater with handle - IKEA

STRÅLANDE Grater with handle, stainless steel, dark gray

STRÅLANDE grater with handle, stainless steel, dark gray Length: 11 " Length: 28 cm

IKEA VINTERGÄCK chair pad You can machine wash it. Ties keep the chair pad in place.

VINTERGÄCK Chair pad Grey 32.5/34.5x31x0.7 cm

IKEA - VINTERGÄCK, Chair pad, , Machine washable for easy care.Ties keep the chair pad in place.

IKEA - INBJUDANDE, Place mat, Protects the table top surface and reduces noise from plates and flatware.

Protect and decorate your table with our placemats and dining textiles.

STÄM Pizza cutter - IKEA $0.99 - Just a simple pizza cutter but an essential item for cutting up kids' food into bite sized pieces!

STÄM Pizza cutter, red, white/black

Kitchen utensils - Ice cream & ice cube accessories - IKEA

IKEA has pots and pans, bakeware, kitchen utensils, and containers - everything you need to cook delicious meals and store them!

Used with paint to make a fun craft project  Salad spinner - IKEA

TOKIG Salad spinner, white

InterDesign Forma Suction Cup Soap Dish - 65680

InterDesign® Forma® Suction Sponge Holder :: Welcome to NeatlySmart™ :: Good things for your home & family™

malin cirkel- new ikea

MALIN CIRKEL Fabric - IKEA/ think this would go nicely with the blue rug as fabric sound dampen panels and/or curtain panel for window

LEGITIM Chopping board, white $1.49

LEGITIM Chopping board, white