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Kalle Gustafsson

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01_member.jpg 320×441 ピクセル

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#type #typography #design

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Chaumont, festival international de l'affiche, version longue - Etienne Mineur archives

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London, Show us your type! by Fabian De Lange

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poster - Inspiration combining multiple shapes to make a triangle

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I love how simple this piece is. It's like a modern art piece. I like the balance of shapes and the contrast of bold and thin lines.

From up Northfrom From up North

Smashing graphic design inspiration

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Smashing Graphic


Negative Space

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Love the simple type and the effect masked by the silhouette of the country.

Rodrigues Jr

Antonio Rodrigues

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great series of images / type

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How do you look at broken type?

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Type. Layout. Everything. fantatic use of white space

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Les Graphiquants | Atelier De Graphisme à Paris.