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Uncle Rick's wedding

Ron Howard as OPIE on THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW: Howard, now 59, is the exception that proves the rule that most child actors peak early. Post-Opie, he landed another iconic TV role as Richie Cunningham on Happy Days. He has directed a slew of hit movies and won an Oscar for 2001’s A Beautiful Mind.

Gary Coleman on DIFF’RENT STROKES: Tiny, feisty Coleman played Arnold, the younger of two brothers adopted by a rich white businessman. His catchphrase (“Whatchoo talkin’ about, Willis?”) still resonates.

Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon on LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE.


Lisa Loring was Wednesday Addams on THE ADDAMS FAMILY

Butch Patrick was Eddie on the MUNSTERS

Jay North as Dennis the Menace

Keith Thibodeaux played LITTLE RICKY on I LOVE LUCY

Lauren Chapin - better known as "KITTEN" on FATHER KNOWS BEST.

Shea Stadium 1964

Barbara Eden from I Dream Of Jeannie (c.1965)

I would ptractically throw up every time I went on one of these- I did not do well with the motion!

The Original Barnabas Collins DARK SHADOWS - I remember racing home from school daily to watch it!

Fruit Stripe Gum!

Highlights for children . . . loved the hidden pictures too!

McDonald's . . .remember this?

Remember Bohack's?

The OAK BEACH INN off Ocean Pkwy in Oak Beach picture Aug 15, 1980

Islip Speedway in Islip closed in 1984

Long Island Arena Commack closed in 1996 - we would go see the circus there.

Mays - this one in Massapequa Park closed in 1982

110 Drive-in in Melville (photo Oct 19,1969) Remember when?

TSS (Times Square Stores) on Rte 110 Melville closed in 1990

Ohrbach's on Old Country Rd in Westbury closed March 1, 1987