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Boggart Abroad: Judicial Watch Leaks Reveal More Clinton-Abedin Emails Latest documents release by judicial watch reveal more about Hillary Clinton's abuses of power and criminal activity when she was Secretary Of State. Clinton and the Democrats are going down, will they drag America down with them?

Boggart Abroad: Judicial Watch Leaks Reveal More Clinton-Abedin Em.

Selective Moral Outrage Of The Left To Lead To War? Now we know a significant section of US voters have a death wish. They have eagerly swallowed the media's great 'Pussygate' deception. While the those who support Hillary Clinton have been frothing at the mouth over coarse remarks Donald Trump made years ago, Wikileaks, DCLeaks and The Intercept have been releasing leaked that prove the allegations of criminal activity, perjury, cronyism and fraud pointing to Mrs. Clinton are true >

Colin Powell wrote in a stunning email that he doesn’t want “to vote for her” —…


FBI gets warrant for new Clinton emails; Reid accuses Comey of violating law : The FBI obtained a warrant to search emails related to the Hillary Clinton private server probe, sources told NBC News.

George Soros, the puppet master In short, Open Society Foundations 'invests' money and other resources in order to achieve a desired gain. This gain is often seen in mid to short term revenues, but it is also visible in broad strokes, where NATO, CIA, US State Department and White House interests coincide."  Read more: http://sputniknews.com/politics/20160417/1038155629/soros-georgia-latvia-investigation.html#ixzz4678SYGth

How Soros-Funded NGOs Disrupt Real Democracy Around Russia's Borders

Hacker Exposes George Soros Thousands of Open Society Foundations Files Dumped - News Unfiltered

Boggart Abroad: More Evidence That Hillary Clinton Leaked Secrets ... For Hillary's enemies (Trump & Co.) and rivals (Bernie Sanders) the e mail scandal must be like finding a treasure trove. But can her minge and America's corrupt political system, and politically biased media keep Hillary's hopes alive they way it did when Obama's skin colour enabled him to brush off scandals that would have finished any white candidate.

Boggart Abroad: More Evidence That Hillary Clinton Leaked Secrets .

take it from this old nurse: REPEAL OBAMACARE NOW!!!!

President Obama 's Re-election

Boggart Abroad: Undemocratic Democrats – Nearly 10% Of Democratic ...

Undemocratic Democrats – Nearly Of Democratic Party Superdelegates Are Corporate Lobbyists


Tea Bags and Coffee Grinds: FBI Director Comey is a board member of Clinton Foundation connected bank HSBC.

US Democrat's Refusal To Accept They Lost Even the intervention of Barack Obama in support of the US Democrats futile efforts to get the election result overturned is not going to make any difference. As President, Obama was able to circumvent the law and constitutional limits on his powers, but now, with only days left in office, his efforts to claim Russia rigged the election for Trump only expose him as a limp wristed pansy whose reaction to not getting what he wants is to throw a hissy…

Russia's role in US election hacks and the possible influence on the result. To read, watch or listen to the mainstream media, the 2016 US .

Boggart Abroad: Triumph For Justice Crusaders Boggart Abroad: When you're known as 'Crooked Hillary' and are the wife of a former US president and worth together around $100 million  having an ordinary judge in your pocket to protect you from the law is no good, you need a bought and paid for attorney general. True to form for the inept and ham fisted Obama administration it looks like Bammy's anointed successor Hillary Clinton just lost hers.

Triumph For Justice Crusaders Boggart Abroad: Loretta Lynch Removes Herself From FBI Probe Of Hillary Emails

Boggart Abroad: President Trump And Prime Minister Corbyn: Can Vot...

Boggart Abroad: President Trump And Prime Minister Corbyn: Can Vot.