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Witching With Herbs III: From Nature To The Cauldron (Part Two) May 29, 2010 by Carolina González

Witches salt, looks like juniper berries, I wonder if you just add salt?

CUTE! Kitchen Witch Clothespin Doll Provide good luck and ward off bad spirits Mom and grandma had one :)

Kitchen Witchery - "There’s a little bit of witch in all of us." ~Bruce Jenvey

kitchen witch correspondences for it.

Not sure about the harming none since i not wiccan but like this

The Kitchen Witch, Make a plaque with this on it and do a raffle for it for presentation.

fairy cupboard filled with potion bottles, bead bottles, vintage glass jewels, crystals, etc.

I am a Kitchen witch. I even went to Culinary school to add a special flare to what I create. I can invoke emotions within your being that you thought you would never feel again. That's what I do, I bring you back to the light!