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It is weird how many people confuse a good memory with "intelligence"...

Funny pictures about Sunrise reflected in a bubble. Oh, and cool pics about Sunrise reflected in a bubble. Also, Sunrise reflected in a bubble photos.

Symbols manifest in a plethora of ways. However they emerge, they’re fundamentally conceptual representations of interconnection. Their meaning may simply be to remind you that your mind is in a synchronized dance with the world around us. Yet if they have more specific meaning, such as a reflection of your current stage of growth, you may immediately recognize it! ( or not)…whether it's "meant" for you or not!

Burning Man - Annual festival of art that takes place n the Black Rock Desert (Nevada). Photo by Trey Ratcliff

The constitution of an “enduring present” is “the habitual, normal, banal act of our intellect,” performed in every kind of reflection, whether its subject matter is ordinary day-to-day occurrences or whether the attention is focused on things forever invisible and outside the sphere of human power. The activity of the mind always creates for itself un présent qui dure, a “gap between past and future.”

Sweden-based photographer Tommy Ingberg takes us on a surreal journey that has been two-and-a-half years in the making. The black and white series titled Real…