Coping skills & understanding what is within your control.

I should really have an ASD board. Good graphic for coping skills "Things Outside my control/ Things I can control" This graphic created by Rebecca Waddell, perhaps adapted from S Herman.

'Every Child Matters' is a new approach to help bring changes to the well-being of children in the UK. The Government wanted to make sure that every child had the support they needed to Stay healthy, Be safe, Achieve economically, Contribute to society and positively enjoy life. By Karen Khilna and Dona

The Children Act Child Matters places a duty on school/colleges to safeguard and promote the well being of pupil. Five outcomes are stay safe,be healthy,enjoy life,make a positive contribution and help to achieve a stable future.

Social Work Memes : Photo

The Art of Self-Disclosure in Therapy by Social Work Career Development Things to Remember in the FIeld < some of the key take-aways from Janine Roberts, Ed.'s talk about "Therapist Self-Disclosure.

Have you ever wondered if your toddlers behaviors are normal or something more serious? We hope this infographic will help you determine if your child may need more than you can offer at home! Visit for more information and for articles that can help you!

As a parent how do you know when your defiant child or teen has something more serious. This infographic on Oppositional Defiant Disorder can help.