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    Large polished drinking horn, pewter dragon horn finial, pewter rim with runes, shoulder strap with hand carved designs in brown.

    Hand Carved Yggdrasil Drinking Horn by WhereTheGodsLive on Etsy.

    intricately carved drinking horn

    Carved Drinking Horn

    Carved Drinking Horn Vanaheim by Wodenswolf.devian...

    carved horns #vikings #mead

    Carved and burned drinking horn with runes

    Viking shot glass with carved pattern of a Viking woman serving a beer from a drinking horn

    Norwegian rune book, 15th century

    Part of Swedens famous Rök runestone, which bears the longest-known runic inscription in stone. The Norsemen continued the practice of mixing runes with Christian symbols until the 17th century, when the medieval church banned runes in an attempt to drive out all vestiges of superstition, paganism, and magic. Runes fell out of widespread use but did not disappear altogether.

    Carving of a viking

    Wolf on Rune stone Monument 8th Century CE. Sparlosa, Sweden

    antler with Ingwaz rune

    Norse Viking Helmet Helm from Chermaya Mogila burial mound,Chernigov,Ukraine

    Dublin Viking Festival 2009 by gaelrehault, via Flickr

    Viking rune stone, Upplands, Sweden - ca. 11th century. Rune stones began as a Christian tradition among Danish vikings, but spread and intensified in fashion in Sweden.

    Rune stone.

    17520 Bronze figure with Horns, weapons and crossed sticks. Kungsängen, Uppland, Sweden. Iron Age by saamiblog, via Flickr

    Raven on Thors Hammer Drinking Vessel..

    Viking Drink Horn Stand SCA LARP Saxon Odin by Whitehartforge, $25.00