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OOAK Tree of Life Celtic Drinking Horn by MorrigansMantel on Etsy



21 Viking Myths Debunked. Women were actually highly revered in the viking age and had all the right of men and were also in battle with the men. They were called sheild maidens! So yea this is not true!

Hulinhjalmur (helm of disguise) from the Galdrabók ~ Icelandic grimoire.



May the NORSE be with you!

Norse picture stone

The Norse Gods


The Norse Alphabet Explained. This....this is cool. I'll be learning this and writing in ancient Norse all over my schoolwork.

Viking cart

The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

Viking Chair - Dagfari hrut -

Thors Hammer Stained Glass Suncatcher.

Thor's Hammer

Thors hammer ravens

Drinking horn with thors hammer

Raven on Thors Hammer Drinking Vessel..



"Infographic from the Vikings TV show. I like the style of it, even if the info's a little sparse." I agree but nice graphics anyway. pinned from Nerd Things Chelsea Wilson

Mammen Axe