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Big 40 Sale geek heart necklace-Heart Necklace-geek heart pendant-For Geek-Geek-Recycled electronic Heart Pendant-Computer Jewelry-recycling

Love comes in many ways... Geek love is deep and pure, different and clever. Made of recycled computers and any other electronic boards I find, all comes with real gold on them(gold is the best electric conductor:) Choose polygon shaped as the ones in the left side (in pics 4,5) or rounded as the ones in the right side. Heart size is about 2.5*2 cm. Each piece is unique cause each board is different, but all are beautiful, just trust me... At the moment I have all the hearts in the Third…


How To Get FREE Electronic parts!

The cost of buying electronic parts for our projects from Radio Shack or Maplin are quite expensive now days... And most of us have a limited budget in buying stuff.But...If you know the secrets of how to get electronic parts for free, you could be saving your self hundreds of bucks! Heres how...

Just a Book<---Reading a book just has its own appeal which digital can't provide

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Assemblage Computer Bug Magnet, Upcycled Electronic Parts, Geek, Office Decor, Gadmeer Art

i <3 when one of my favs gets tons of views! Computer Bug Magnet Upcycled Electronic Parts by clonehardware, 16.00

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Upcycled Jewelry Turns Circuit Boards Into Stunning, Wearable Pieces

Think of this piece as the cherry on top of whatever-it-is-you're-having. I can definitely see this piece on asian girl with a bob-cut, rouge-red lipstick, boob-tube dress and gold green accessories.

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How-To: Make an Xbox 360 laptop (part 1)

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Techcycled, Jewelry & Accessories Made Computer & Electronic Parts

The “engineers-turned-artists” at Techcycled make jewelry and accessories from recycled computer parts and electronic components like resistors, capacitors, and circuit boards.