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This is what the nurses used to threaten or actually castrate the patients and de-masculinize them. It is the nurses main weapon that gives them power over the men #rothzroom

The nurses made the patients feel very insecure, by stating that they are small (when in fact the patients were much bigger and stronger), and also made themselves look big and important to gain power over the patients. #rothzroom

This is freedom, and this what the patients are trying to get by fighting against the nurses. They would like to do things they want to do without being punished. #rothzroom

The other nurses(aids) are described as an army, because they are cruel, aim to hurt, and are will do anything to make nurse Ratched happy, even it worsens the patients. #rothzroom

Most of the book are things done hidden or in secret to prevent the other group from knowing what is going one. And patients themselves want to avoid the nurses so they hide from them. #rothzroom

This represents nurse ratched, who instead of helping the patients, she shames and guilts her patients. She submits her patients by pecking at their weak spots, and thus keeping control of her power since everyone is scared to do anything. #rothzroom