14 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know | Keep Hair Pins in a Tic Tac Container | DIY Home Organization Ideas

30 Organization Tips- pin now, read later

Now, why didn't I think of that? Shoe box + toilet paper tubes (and/or paper towel tube pieces) = storage for pens and etc. GENUIS great for school

Life Hack For Storing Opened Packets Of Food…

Store bobby pins in a magnetic paper clip holder.

Diy Projects: 14 Useful Closet Organizing Tips (Good idea on the main pin here)

OMG! Why didn't I think of this!? Noodles cut in half to keep boots from falling over.

Why Didn't I Think of That: Paint-Can Tip

Organize Girly Products. Organize bathroom. Reuse diaper wipe container.

An antique paper towel holder used to store bracelets

I like this idea.

EVERY Target shopper NEEDS to know this: If the price ends in 8, it will be marked down again. If it ends in a 4, its the lowest it will be. Targets mark down schedule. - MONDAY: Kids Clothing, Stationery (office supplies, gift wrap), Electronics. TUESDAY: Womens Clothing and Domestics. WEDNESDAY: Mens Clothing, Toys, Health and Beauty. THURSDAY: Lingerie, Shoes, Housewares. FRIDAY: cosmetics. This is maybe the best pin EVER

Magnetic strip to hold bobby pins inside a drawer = Brilliant

wow!!! so many great tips all in one pin!

43 Amazingly simple but genius ideas to use and reuse stuff | eHow

Soooo Going to buy a bunch of crystal light just for the container lol.

magnetic strip for bobby pins...i so need this!

You can thank me later.

GREAT way to store scraps and also a great idea how to use some scraps!

Pure and simple genius!

Skirt hangers for boots. Genius!