LOL sounds awesome !!!!!

So true and why I spend so much time on Pinterest. Hate may be a strong word maybe dislike would be better.

No doubt!

5 Deadly Terms Used By a Woman--- dead on

Gospel Truth: "women who don't wear underwear don't get them in a bunch"

I've heard many good stories beginning like this...

hahahah oh my god.. this is so true though. some people are too full of themselves. the world doesn't revolve around any one person. noone should feel that they are better than everybody else.

genius vs stupidity..... hadn't really thought of it this way..... but now that I have I almost feel this should be under 'humor' because I never gave thought to stupidity having Limits!!!!!!

funny quotes about men and women relationships

dear life, i have a complete grasp on the fact that you are not fair... so please, quit teaching me that lesson. <-- my motto.


Hahaha Yep

So true....

Bahahahaha !!!!



Oh dear - have to put my hand up and admit this is me!

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