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You always seem to catch me when I'm about to jump in the shower! Now, I will have to say I'm taking a HOT shower. :)

And sometimes I knowingly pin it twice because of how in love I am with it. - and besides - I can delete one of them later. . .

It's funny because it's true lol :) For fitspiration follow my fitness blog at #fitnesshumor #funnyfitness #weightloss #dieting #diet #fitness

Or why some animals are named after other animals... Like "Spider crab" and "Crab spider"... Porcupine fish... I mean, what if those other animals didn't exist? What would they be called?!

Ha! Oh gosh, sometimes I feel like Pinterest knows me personally and creates these pins to make me feel like a's insane.


You're so hilarious...

Pretty much :)